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                                       Pay it Forward!
                   January Features ROD'S HOUSE

There have been times in our lives that we have all had a hand up in one form or another. So what if we Pay it Forward! as one of our Guild’s charity commitments?  The idea behind Pay it Forward!  Is that we have a monthly charity or group that we donate to.  Most are ones that we already work with but we have a couple of new ones to introduce. So let’s start with January and Rod’s House!

It started with one girl…

In the winter of 2006, a young girl entered the non-profit agency For A Better Tomorrow. She requested rubber bands so that she could tie her pant legs out of the snow. She was 14 years old, pregnant and homeless. The father of her child had left town, her mother was institutionalized for drug use and her father was dying of cancer. After this incident, concerned community members, including Rod Bryant, came to a shocking realization; there were no services in Yakima to accommodate the unique needs of youth who are experiencing homelessness. Through the combined efforts of these individuals, donations from social service agencies and countless volunteer hours, Rod’s House came into being.

Now, 10 years later, Rod’s House has helped 1,500+ youth and young adults through the following programs...

Not every person wants to sew for every charity that we represent and donate to, so this will give you an opportunity to find the one you might be passionate about and want to give to. What we would be looking for in January are blankets, like the throws that Fred Meyers has on sale now for $3.99. You can find them (sometimes) at WalMart as well for around the same price. There are socks, gloves on sale all over town, warm scarves, hand and foot warmers. These are homeless kids, on the street in the dead of winter. They need everything! In addition to the clothing, they need toiletries (unused), shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, warm winter items and how about throwing in a can or two of soup! There is a pantry there and the kids can take lunch bags when they leave for the day so Cup of Noodles, Mac & Cheese, snack items, cases of water or vitamin water and Styrofoam meal containers. There is such a huge need and remember that Rod’s House is just a day facility, the kids are out at 6:00 pm. To check out the services and goods needed can be explored on the following page.  Enjoy exploring.

We will be announcing the schedule for the year in January so you can decide who or how many you want to help with! And…we could use a couple of volunteers for the committee too!

Bring your donations to both meetings in January and if you don’t want to shop we will accept cash donations and shop for you!  For more information contact Diane Poulin, 509 969-7800 or
                                                         Let’s be a part of the solution!