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Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild
Quilt Show 2019
Quilts in the City


Friday and Saturday—May 17-18, 2019
Yakima Convention Center
10 N. 8th Street
Yakima, WA  98901

Registration:  Lisa Stevens 509-930-7740 –

Online Registration is CLOSED


Entry Information – Each quilt or item must have a separate entry form


  •                There are no restrictions on item size, shape or technique; No previous entries in a Yakima Valley Quilt show are allowed.
  •                Quilt Show Committee may limit the number of entries due to space availability.
  •                Entry deadline is April 15, 2019
  •                Each quilt or item must have a separate completed entry form.  Make additional copies of entry form as needed if you are registering by mail.
  •                You will select a location for your entry to be displayed.  Options are:  Main Show, Guild Display, Friendship Booth, Guild Display or Black and White Challenge.  The Main Show is the area where most quilts are displayed.  The difference between that and the Guild Display is that the Guild Display is the display area that promotes our Guild.  They are projects that members have entered that have been done through the year as guild projects.  These may include lotto blocks, class projects, Christmas party gift exchange items, Secret Sister gifts, Summer Challenge projects, Shoebox charity quilts, etc.  Friendship Booths are where friendship groups create a display to show all of their projects in one space.  These may include, but are not limited to, Chain Gang, Apple Valley Piece Makers, Quirky Quilters, Apple-K-Ers, etc.  If your entry is to go in a friendship booth, you will be asked to identify which one.  New for 2019 is the Black and White Challenge.   See the Guild webpage at: for complete information.
  •                When you register online, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with your entry information.  Please print this out.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Lisa Stevens (509)930-7740.  After you hit the “submit” button, you should see a screen that says “Thank You” and has a large green check mark.  Again, if you do not see this screen, your entry may not have been completed, so please contact Lisa.
  •                Each quilt must have a 4” hanging sleeve on the back.  The top of the hanging sleeve must be placed 90” from the bottom of the quilt if your quilt is longer than 90”.
  •                Each quilt must have a label with the exhibitor’s name, address and phone number sewn to the back.  (This info may be printed on the hanging sleeve)
  •                Be sure to accurately indicate size of quilt on registration form.
  •                Questions:  Lisa Stevens 509-930-7740
  •                Bring your quilts on set up day: Wednesday May 15th 10am to 6:00pm to the Yakima Valley Convention Center at 10 N. 8th Street, Yakima, WA.
  •                When bringing your quilts on set up day, please fold your quilts accordingly:  Make sure the front side is out and lower left corner is on top so we can pin your quilt tag to the lower left front corner.
  •                Your claim form will be given to you when your items are received.  You must present this form at the time of pick up.
  •                Pick up is Saturday May 18th 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  Quilts will not be released before that time or without a claim check.
  •                If you make arrangements for someone else to pick up your entries, be sure to give them your claim check.
  •                The Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild is not responsible for loss or damage.  Check with your homeowner’s insurance for coverage of your entries while displayed.
  •                Be assured we will do our best to protect all entries in the quilt show.j


The Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild thanks you for participating in our show and sharing your quilts for all to see.  Your beautiful quilts and projects are what make our show such a success. 


Many Thanks,


Lisa Stevens

Registration coordinator