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At every quilt show we always have a featured artist; usually from the guild, sometimes from the quilting community but this year we are Blessed with two (2) artists, one from each arena! Michaela Hughes is our featured artist from the Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild and Sherie Thomas is our artist from the quilting community. Each quilter brings something special to the table and we are very proud to introduce them both to you!

Michaela Hughes


I joined the Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild in l996.There were less than 50 members then I think and I have really enjoyed watching the Guild grow. The event that caught my attention was the quilt show put on by those dedicated members. At that time they used the Modern Living Building at the Fair grounds. I loved the show and decided that I would like to be a part of the Guild and the rest, as they say, is history.

 I started working for The Quilter in Union Gap and when they moved to Vancouver I bought their Long Arm Quilt Machine. I brought it home and started quilting for people in my garage. We soon remodeled our home and built a sewing studio for my business. I have traded up Long Arm Quilt Machines about three times. Each trade gave me a little more ability to quilt. I love my customers and continue to be inspired and amazed at their creativity.

I have a very supportive husband, Bill, two children and two Grandchildren. Our son lives in Maryland with his wife and our Grandson Evan.Our daughter lives in Utah with her husband and our Granddaughter Lily.

 I owe my love for quilting to my Grandmother. While my mother was an excellent seamstress, my Grandmother had the patience to teach me to sew.

Sherie Thomas

I love to create and learn how to do new things. I like to understand how creative things work and if I can do them.

My Nana had more talent in her little finger than I can imagine. She was always creating something beautiful. She got me a hand crank child’s metal Singer sewing machine when I was about 8. I loved making doll clothes for my Troll doll and Barbie.

My mom didn’t want me to touch her sewing machine until I took sewing in Jr. High. I did once without permission and messed it up so bad that it needed a service call. But after my Home Ec. Class I started sewing all my own clothes. It was partly for survival. I was tall and had a limited budget. But it motivated me sew. Plus I loved the creativity and self-expression.

I went on to get my college degree in Home Economics Education. I didn’t have the timing right to start teaching school, so I got a job as a buyer for Hughes Aircraft (military division) in Southern California. I guess if you can buy fabric, you can buy anything.

Within a couple of years my husband got a job transfer to Yakima and we started our family. We lived there from 1982-1990. We loved living here and have many special friends and memories. We then moved to Sammamish (east of Seattle). We now have a daughter and 2 sons, 3 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, and a spoiled dog.

I started quilting about 1992 with a group of neighborhood ladies. We made cardboard templates, but at least the rotary cutter was around by then. I was hooked. I took a few classes and was soon teaching through quilt shops. My favorite has always been cotton and wool applique. I love the handwork. But I’ve done about every other type of quilting and have been fortunate to take classes from a wide variety of excellent teachers.

I truly drive my dear husband crazy with my projects, but he’s learned to live with it. I am most happy when I am creating.