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What Is it?

One person does a random act of kindness without expecting or hoping for anything in return.

Please participate year-round on a charitable activity.  Kindness is a lifestyle.  The variety of charities gives members the option to donate sewing hours, but if you don’t have time, you will be able to donate $ or items.

Many people put giving on the back burner, but with a focus each month on a new program of need our Guild's giving will be broader scoped.  Your giving can be "time" in sewing or purchased product for programs.  

Common quilt sizes for donations:
Childrens Quilts 40" x 50" up to 70" x 70"
Baby Quilts 36" x 36"Twin Bed quilts 75" x 90"
NICU (for preemies) 18" x 18" up to 36" x 36"
Flannel pillowcase for NICU 18" x 24"

HERE is a potential list of possibilities: 

  • Volunteer Your Sew Time
  • Donate Blood and Plasma
  • Make a Comfort Donation Quilt Contact for more information 
  • Take Items to a Charity & Donate Cash Back at Check-out
  • Use a Charity Credit Card for Rod’s House
  • Make a Chemo Scarf or Ice Bag for Cancer Treatment
  • Quilts of Valor, block and quilt donations. Contact Shirleen Wilhelm QOV quilt specks click here, QOV Facebook link click here
  • Freedom Kits Of Yakima information link.  You may also contact Stephanie Wilson @