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Connie Bowman

 March 13 - 17, 2024. Contact Connie to be added to the list. $30 per night or full day. 

Camp Dudley is Waiting for YOU !!!!

It is retreat time again and time to pack up almost your entire sewing room and head for Camp Dudley.  I will provide a supply list and suggestions at a later date.

You will be cooking one meal with one or two partners.  Please let me know what you plan to cook.  If you need any special cookware for your meal, I suggest that you bring your own.  There are dishes to be used, your choice.  Paper products are an option.  Please bring all ingredients that you need to prepare your meal.  It is a long drive to the nearest grocery store. There is a coffee maker on the premises, please bring your own coffee.  Bring your own drinks (water or pop).  The water at Camp Dudley is quite good, so bringing water to drink is optional.

Bring any lunch material or snacks that you might enjoy.  We have a communal snack table that we are all welcome to share. If you have any special dietary needs, please bring your own food to ensure you can eat what you need.  I hope to provide a menu as soon as possible.  Remember, we only have two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.  We are on our own for snacks and lunches.


Travel time from Fred Meyers is about 45-50 minutes.  Take Highway 12 to the intersection on 12 and 410.  Turn left on Highway 12 and continue past Rimrock Lake, past Silver Beach Resort.  Start watching for a sign for Tieton Road.  Turn left on Tieton Road where you will see a sign that says Clear Lake.  Camp Dudley’s sign will show then.  The sign says 0.9 miles to the camp.  The next Camp Dudley sigh will be on your right, turn left there.  Drive through the parking lot and past the caretakers' home and you will see Shinn Lodge, a brown two-story building on your right.  After unloading your car, you will have to take your car back to the parking lot.  Those of you who have trouble walking can leave your car close to the lodge.

Please remember to bring your medical form.  Please fill it out and place it under your sewing machine.  We do not need to see it unless you have a medical emergency, and we need access to your information.  If it is under your sewing machine, we will know where to find it in case of an emergency.

Also, NO PETS ON CAMPUS.  Camp Dudley has a strict no pets allowed on premises.  Sorry.

Please come ready to have some great sewing time and be ready for lots of fun and laughs.  Stay up late if you want and sew or go for walks, read or just relax and enjoy the time together.  We always have fun.

The fee will be $30 per day.

Check in time is 9 am, check out is 3 pm.  If you leave after the deadline of 3 pm, you will be charged for that day.  Not our rules, but YMCA’s rules.

 Supply List and Suggestions for Quilt Retreat

Bedding & pillow, towel & washcloth, shower items, hair dryer, medications, clothing that can be layered, bathrobe, slippers, Warm coat, hat, gloves, & appropriate boots/shoes for hiking, 
Sewing machine, all tools & accessories for machine, extra needles & bobbins, extension cord, power strip, extra light for station, iron, small ironing board, any special water for iron, spray bottle, cutting mat, rulers, rotary cutter with extra blades, Material for lotto block, & retreat project, plenty of projects to keep you busy, patterns & material for projects, different colors of thread, scissors, Teflon sheet, Lite Steam a Seam, freezer paper painters’ tape, pencils, pen, permanent markers, erasable markers, some batting, pin cushion, light box.

Flashlight with extra batteries, Books, and/or magazines. Kleenex, earplugs. Snacks for yourself & snacks to share. Coffee for drip coffee maker.

Sewing room Chair, extra (1 or 2) table lighting for sewing

Groceries for your assigned meal, plus any special pans or utensils you need.

Paper plates, cups, napkins, meals for yourself in case you can’t eat what is on a menu.