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non-profit 501c(3)

The purpose of this organization is to preserve and continue the traditions, culture and history of quilting; to promote fellowship among interested persons in all aspects of quilting; to contribute to the knowledge of and to promote the appreciation of fine quilts; to sponsor and support quilting activities through charity; to encourage quilt making and collecting; and to contribute to the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns and quiltmakers through educational meetings and travel.
Our purpose is to foster the art of
quilt making
through sharing and teaching,
sponsoring workshops,
demonstrations and quilt shows. 

The Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild was founded in 1983 with approximately 40 members.  The group has grown to a present day count of 100 plus members.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of quilting and needle arts through education and community service. 

Many hundreds of quilts have been made by the guild and directly donated to local charities such as the YWCA Women's Shelter, Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital Neonatal Unit, Epic Crisis Center, NorthStar Lodge and Buddy Bags through Voices for Children, QOV.

Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild's first quilt exhibition was held in June 1984.  This Exhibition provides Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild members a local opportunity to share their role within the community.  The Guild continues to this day to present a two-day exhibition which displays Yakima Valley quilts made by area residents.  The Guild takes this opportunity to educate the community concerning the steps in making a quilt, provides an opportunity to offer classes concerning a variety of topics such as piece quilting, hand embroidery, differing methods of sewing, and many, many, more topics. The Quilt Show also provides an opportunity to share with the Yakima community the networking role in which the Guild fills in Yakima.

One of our proudest moments is the donation of a $5000.00 cash certificate given as a biannual gift to Ohana Mammography Center.  The donation amount varies from year to year, since it is dependent on raffle tickets sold by Guild members.  Our 2019 donation amount reaches $5000.00.  Members participate in a "Quilt Raffle Event" by donating a Guild Member handmade quilt and the selling of raffle tickets throughout the year. This donation of cash assists women that have a verified need for service not covered by insurance and is unable to meet the financial cost.  
affle tickets sold by Guild members in the Yakima area have become an anticipated event for many individuals within the community.  Some years additional funds have been offered from the Guild's "Quilters Boutique" which is also held at the Yakima Valley Quilters' Guild Biannual Quilt Show.   Additional information about our wonderful Biannual Quilt Show will be posted in the near future on additional web pages.  Please check them out!!!

More about Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild
The early years! (‘pieced’ together from Newsletters #1-39—the first ten years-
thanks to Past-President Diane Poulin)
In early 1983, thirty three women whose homes were in Naches, Wapato, Toppenish, Yakima and Moxee City
met together with the purpose of continuing the traditions, culture and history of quilting and sharing ideas and
quilts. Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild was formed!
Karen English, the first President, wrote in May 1983 Newsletter #1 “Greetings...I have high hopes for our new
guild...each of you have skills and talents that can help our guild be a success. We need your ideas and
suggestions...please read the By-Laws; they will be discussed and adopted at the first meeting in June.”
*There was a day group and a night group.
*They started a library and at meetings began giving reports on the newest quilting books.
*They started the newsletter—and just like today there was a deadline for submitting information.
By September1983, “NEW LOGO...after much debate we finally have a new logo. Thanks to Hazel Behar for
her suggestion of a fruit basket to represent our Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild. After debating about it, it was decided
to just use the basket as the fruit were a little more difficult than some members could do and the basket is beautiful
in and of itself so a plain pieced and appliqued basket it is.”
It was important to the women to stay connected with the world of quilting as some attended out of town
quilt shows and conferences and enthusiastically shared at meetings. In every newsletter, there was information
about all these events, far and wide.
Participation in the Central Washington State Fair began the fall of 1983; and every day throughout the Fair,
in the Modern Living Building, the women hand-quilted a member’s quilt.
These enterprising women read an article about the Congregational Church Women’s Fellowship in South
Glastonbury, Connecticut titled “Creating Your Own Special Quilt Show”. They discussed it. They set a date—
June 22-24, 1984. It happened! The rest is history!
By December 1983, there were 49 members. By-Laws had been adopted. The Treasurer reported $67.19 in
the checking account and $233.90 in the savings account. The first election had been held.
The 1984 quilt show was named “A Collection of Country Quilts—Quilts I; next year will be Quilts II; in 1986
Quilts III, etc.” 1984 show details included: admission $1; exhibitors badge so they can come and go as they wish for
without them we would have no show; quilt raffle tickets $1 each; won’t be able to get insurance for the quilts unless
they are appraised beforehand; all members will wear muslin self-made aprons with basket logo on the bib; and
posters and publicity post cards were printed.
Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild was well established.
The content of the first ten year’s newsletters was much the same as the first year with different and new active
members, different elected officers, new books published, the newest quilt patterns printed, quilt show information
that seemed to grow, other quilt shows and conferences attended, and newsletter advertisers included Fiddle Sticks.
MORE ‘pieces’ of interest!
* “’Quilters’ Quips...News to Quilt by’” was the title of newsletter published in March 1984. Roberta Caffrey, in her
president’s message said, “We’ve had growing pains, but we have come a long way.”
*Yakima Valley Museum and Allied Arts now were included in the activities.
*They made and gave quilts to Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle.
*They began money making projects like Mini Raffle Quilts.
*Featured artist at the Quilt Show was instituted.
*They held the first Guild Christmas Party-a potluck at the Cascade Gas Co meeting room.
*Some tuned in weekly to Channel 47 KYVE for ‘Lap Quilting’ with Georgia Bonestead.
*As of April 1993, there were 27 members. (“The rest is history” not yet discovered by press time.)
*Presidents: 1983-Karen English; 1984-Roberta Caffrey; 1985-Donna Gamble; 1986-Donna Gamble; 1987-Betty
Neumeyer; 1988-Gail Klingele; 1989-Gail Klingele; 1990-Vicke Jensen/Gail Klingele; 1991-Betty Neumeyer;
1992-Gail Klingele; 1993-Judy West.
Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild----The Best is yet to Come! We are “Jewels of Quilting”
Written for 40 th Celebration, July 19, 2023
Read at 40 th Celebration, July 19, 2023 by YVQG Member Carol Meier.
Lennardine Henry member since 1988 and Past President shared and
Linda Lortie member since 1993 shared their memories of YVQG.